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'Colours of the Fall', unmistakable future-forward melancholic pop melodies emphasize the stories being told, while Hanssøn's intimate vocals are a thrilling and a guttural blend of emotions. In this post-summer project, Hanssøn shares the raw energy of falling into the depths of love, while unwillingly embarking on a slick and twisted THC-induced whiskey-fuelled journey of unexpected high-drama adventures. 

“...I’m gonna make sure your neighbor’s gonna know my name...” 

The first single F*ck Fog, is a colourful preamble to the nuanced story to be unveiled, and coincidently the album’s first release was also the last track to be recorded. In the vein of Lily Allen, Kylie Minogue, and The Divinyls, Hanssøn’s ‘F*ck Fog’ was brewed during the ecstatic peak of unfolding a new sexual connection; “the experience of that initial chemistry, that initial spark and fog you go into when you’re falling for someone.”-  Hanssøn on the origins of this track. “I said to Sisko, I wanna write about a fuck fog, and he was like “okaaaay so that’s the title of the song, correct?” And I was like, “uhhh… okay sure?!” I wrote the song and used some voicemails from a guy I met in the UK”.

Other than being a head-turning song title - F*ck Fog - is said to have been inspired by HBO’s VEEP and Kylie Minogue’s approach to songwriting. 

“I grew up listening to Kylie and her songs were always suggestive, but she’d use less direct language, On A Night Like This: “You kiss me, I’m falling, it’s your name I’m calling” - like she is NOT talking about just kissing…”

“I’m completely obsessed with HBO’s VEEP. There’s an episode where Selina is explaining to the Finnish Prime Minister, a woman named Minna, that the reason Minna wanted Nikolai to be elected was because she was sleeping with him - “You’re just in the middle of what we call in America, a ‘fuck fog’” and Minna responds “In Finland we call it “‘The Fever of the Sausage’” 

The visual is described as dreamy and creamy. “For the video, we wanted to make it as colorful and fun as possible, I wanted it to be sex positive, ham up how men and women are when we’re gossiping about sex, and just show what that initial chemistry is like.”

Created in close collaboration with genre-fluid producer David Sisko, 'Colours of the Fall' is the opus of Hanssøn's perpetual rhythmic reinvention and her raw reclamation of confidence.


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